The story of FrieslandCampina and its relationship with milk began in 1871. In that year, farmers decided to unite their strengths in the precursor to today's cooperative. This allowed them to strengthen their market position and ensure the distribution of their milk. Today, FrieslandCampina is one of the largest dairy companies in the world.

FrieslandCampina Business Solutions

  • SAP Extended Warehouse Management 9.4
  • SAP Transportation Management
  • MES Integration

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They possess significant expertise and have a team of professionals with a deep understanding of the business landscape, including experienced program managers. This combined knowledge has been leveraged to develop a robust plan, in which they excel at mobilizing their network. By collaborating with various partners and individuals, they have been able to create a manageable program despite the numerous uncertainties. This sets them apart from other parties, as they are not only capable of leveraging the Dutch network but also providing international support.

Marcel van Deelen

IT Manager Supply Chain @ FrieslandCampina

Challenges and Solutions


  • To create the most successful SAP EWM solution that will be suitable for all business units of FrieslandCampina and deploy it across the various divisions.
  • To tailor the Advanced Production Integrated SAP EWM solution to fit all production and warehouse business units and roll it out across the various divisions.
  • To integrate the SAP S/4HANA decentralized TM solution into the SAP system landscape and implement it as a basis for streamlining processes and reducing costs for transportation management.


  • GLOBAL WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT TEMPLATE - An SAP EWM solution that is easy to implement and simple to customize for all departments within the organization.
  • SIMPLICITY - A simplified Supply Chain Execution model via Advanced Production Integration that combines user-friendliness with handling complex process steps in the background. Fully integrated with all business processes and guided by production planning and execution processes.
  • GLOBAL TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT TEMPLATE - A foundation of SAP Transportation Management sufficient to expand further functionality and realize a template methodology for SAP ERP integration and SAP Shipment Costing across all business units. The resulting rollout has led to cost savings and process simplifications for the various divisions.


  • A supply chain based on SAP EWM with an efficient solution for all warehouse management-related business processes.
  • An SAP EWM (API) Advanced Production Integration template that seamlessly integrates warehouse management with production-related business processes.
  • An integrated decentralized SAP S/4HANA TM-based Supply Chain solution that is future-proof and provides a platform for the future in Transport Management.

Pioneering Dairy Excellence Worldwide

The history of FrieslandCampina and its relationship with milk dates back to 1871 when farmers came together to form the precursor of today's cooperative. Their collaboration aimed to strengthen their market presence and secure sales of their milk. Over time, FrieslandCampina has evolved into one of the world’s largest dairy companies, supplying millions of consumers globally with nourishing dairy products derived from milk. These products range from milk itself to various dairy derivatives.

FrieslandCampina, driven by its commitment to natural nourishment, operates branch offices in 29 countries, employing a workforce of 20,928 individuals. Its extensive product range reaches over 100 countries worldwide.

The company provides consumer products such as milk, yogurt, cheese, infant nutrition, and desserts, catering to professional markets with offerings including cream, butter products, ingredients, and semi-finished goods for producers in the infant nutrition, food, and pharmaceutical sectors. With a global presence spanning 29 countries and exports reaching over 100 nations, FrieslandCampina remains a key player in the international dairy industry.

About FrieslandCampina

Employees: 20,928
Revenue: €1.4 billion

FrieslandCampina, nourished by nature. Their goal is to create better nutrition for the world and therefore require all hands on deck. The organization has establishments in 29 countries and employs a total of 20,928 staff members. All products produced find their way to over 100 countries.

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