Sligro Food Group

Sligro Food Group consists of foodservice companies in the Netherlands and Belgium that are active in the market for food and food-related non-food products and services. The international ambitions of the publicly listed company from Veghel, however, extend beyond Belgium. To enable further growth beyond national borders, Sligro initiated a renewal process.

Sligro Business Solutions

  • SAP Transportation Management
  • SAP Extended Warehouse Management

Challenges and Solutions


  • The customers in the hospitality sector demand flexible ordering options that extend into the evening hours and require a high degree of variability from a TMS solution.


  • TRANSPARENCY - Improved insight into executed transports and load utilization has led to increased understanding of capacity utilization.
  • FEWER ERRORS - Thanks to the SAP TM system implemented by SP, users can work more efficiently. The automation of these processes helps prevent user errors, resulting in smoother planning processes.


  • Implementation of (Advanced) SAP TM with SAP EWM integration as a key success factor.

Solid foundation for further international expansion

"Our ERP, CRM, and online platforms were built for the Dutch market, not for an international market," says Jorn van de Ven, IT Manager for IT Digital, CRM & API at Sligro Food Group. "For online, we wanted to move to a single platform that could be used internationally, and furthermore, for the different brands so that we can benefit from each other's developments and investments."

According to Van de Ven, in the old situation, Sligro still dealt with a website and a webshop that functioned as two separate worlds. "We distinguish two customer journeys. In the first, the restaurateur checks his inventory after serving the last meal and places his order for the next day in the evening or at night. That process needs to be as fast and intuitive as possible. The second customer journey is the entrepreneur who updates his menu. He expects to find inspiration online and takes the time to do so. You want to combine these two customer journeys into one platform."

"We wanted to integrate ordering and inspiration into one platform so that the customer who has found inspiration can order immediately," Van de Ven continues. "Moreover, the entrepreneur should not only be inspired online but also through other channels such as email and eventually in-store. Offline self-service and online need to come together in one integrated customer experience."

About Sligro Food Group

Employees: 5,061

Revenue: €2.859 billion

Sligro Food Group comprises foodservice companies in the Netherlands and Belgium, offering a comprehensive range of food and food-related non-food products and services in the market for consumers of food and beverages. Sligro Food Group aims to be a consistently and responsibly growing quality enterprise in all its activities and for all its stakeholders. In its strategy, Sligro Food Group combines the efficiency and professionalism of a large national player with the customer focus, service, and personal approach of a regional business partner.

Successfully addressing various customer journeys, even during Covid-19. How does Sligro approach this?

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