SAP S 4/HANA ERP  is  integrated enterprice business management system developed by the German company SAP SE. It covers all processes and departments within an organization by automating management activities of finance and accounting, marketing, manufacturing, human resources and organization’s links with its customers and partners.


What are the benefits of SAP?

  • Providing an integrated solution for business management.
  • Implementation of best practices contained in the software.
  • Standardization of internal corporate procedures and ways of working which helps to improve the working environment and customer service.
  • Avoid duplication and double entry of information.
  • Improving the management of stock and assets of the company.
  • Supporting the development of the company and increase its flexibility.
  • Increase revenue through the ability to generate various analyzes that help to respond quickly and appropriately to changes in the market environment.
  • Improve cooperation between departments within the company.
  • A single database.
  • Functional comprehensiveness.
  • Maximum flexibility as possible to respond to changes;
  • Complete and immediate usability of all data;
  • Complete data to all users.

Implementation of SAP ensures:

  • complexity– SAP system covers all business processes and offers a wide range of functionalities. The scope of the implementation project of SAP system is determined by the characteristics of the company, its structure, activity and market objectives.


  • integrity– SAP system is fully integrated, information is entered only once and without additional treatments is reflected in all related modules, as becomes immediately accessible to all persons authorized to receive it. Thus making critical management decisions and the allocation of responsibilities is done in real time.


  • Automatisation– SAP system optimizes ongoing organizational processes, standardize and accelerate operations performed consolidate all available information and offers quick access to necessary data. At the same time, the system allows control and timely adjustment in response to constantly changing conditions and market challenges.


SAP covers all functional processes in the company, which are divided processes / modules corresponding to the different departments and activities. The modules can be used alone or as part of an integrated information system. All functions are automatically linked. The system allows a direct transfer of all data for transport to the next applications where occurs their further evaluation and processing. Furthermore, SAP offers so called Industrial Solutions (IS), which are special solutions include “best” industry practices in individual sectors (trade, telecommunications, transport and services, distribution, financial activities, etc.).

SAP S / 4 HANA – ERP new generation

SAP S /4 HANA is an innovative product of SAP, offers a complete integrated solution for business management, fully process-oriented management organizations is one.

business benefits

Real-time information that allows making quick and effective management decisions

  • In-memory technology
  • Built-in analytical tools

Re-engineering of processes with higher productivity

  •  Maximum performance and speed
  •  Ready integrations with other SAP solutions

SAP Fiori modern user interface

  • Intuitive work
  • Mobility and accessibility of all devices

simplified architecture

The introduction of S / 4 HANA can be either in their own server room of the customer, and in the remote data center (cloud installation).